The most extensive
floriculture catalog

for exporters

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the most extensive floriculture catalog

FloraXchange was created especially for exporters who do business directly with growers. Thanks to the connection to Floriday, exporters have access to the most extensive worldwide floriculture offer via FloraXchange. With FloraXchange:

  • You can build your own network
  • Compile your own catalog
  • Control all your orders

The most extensive floriculture catalog

The connection of FloraXchange to Floriday provides exporters with access to the entire floriculture offer. In this way, the choice is almost endless and you will not miss out on any offers.

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Making the most of your FloraXchange account

FloraXchange offers many possibilities to help exporters work as efficiently as possible. With FloraXchange you can easily place digital orders and serve your end customers by giving them access to a selected offer. We also ensure a good connection to your system.

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Your own customers, under your direction

We will not conduct any direct business with your customers but would like to support you in your business dealings. This is why we developed the End Customer Module. It enables your customers to place direct orders for the offer selected by you. In this way, you can serve your customers digitally without having your own webshop.

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Data: protected and only visible to you

We will ensure the careful handling of your data. More than that, the data is yours and only yours. To ensure that, we will carry out a data governance audit.

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