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7 December 2018
Written by: Martine Kester

Data is a much-discussed subject. We consider it important that your data is handled with care. More than that, the data is yours and only yours.

To ensure this, a panel of exporters was established to keep an eye on things at all times. In addition, we will commission a data governance audit.

The data governance audit will be carried out by Ernst & Young and a number of external supervisors. The external supervisors are buyers who actively work with FloraXchange. They registered on a voluntary basis because their aim, among others, is for the sector to move forward.

What exactly is being audited?

This can be divided into three segments:

  • In the data governance audit, we investigate which details are processed in FloraXchange, who is responsible for them and what that responsibility entails.
  • In addition, we investigate the internal risks, such as ‘security management’ (how the policy documents and compliance therewith are tested within the organization) and ‘human resources’ (for instance, how is confidentiality guaranteed?).
  • Finally, we will investigate the external risks; an example would be ‘physical security’ (how is the physical access to the building, computers, telephones etc. protected against malicious parties?) or ‘business continuity’ (are the data properly secured and is an adequate back up in place?).

Status data governance audit

Currently, we have just held our first meeting with the customers’ panel and Ernst & Young. We are now working hard on completing the audit. After the audit, Ernst & Young will compile a report with several conclusions. They will not provide any advice. You, as a reader of the report, can draw your own conclusions (or ask us). We can imagine that the audit will result in action points. We will share these with you and take appropriate action.

Questions about this topic?

Contact Jeroen Huis!

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