At FloraXchange we like to be connected

We work in a small, dynamic and friendly team and we generally like to have close contact with the users. This enables to learn a lot about our users and the sector. You can contact us by phone, e-mail, chat or by sending a message on our platform.

Jan van der Lans

Sales manager

His business card will probably say he’s a ‘sales manager’, but in fact he is more. Jan prefers to go out in the field and visit organisations within the sector to show them the benefits of digital collaboration. Back at the office he likes to think about the next steps for FloraXchange and the sector.

Ruud Schuurman


Ruud has been involved with FloraXchange almost from the beginning. He completely committed himself to the connections between different systems and can genuinely be called the product expert in this field. Ruud always wants to help people and he won't stop until he figured out all of their questions (unfortunately he doesn’t take evasive answers from his colleagues either).

Merel Barendse

Project manager

Merel ensures that we stay on course with FloraXchange. In addition, she also ensures that we are not too introverted as a platform and therefore we speak out ourselves in the floriculture sector. 

Martine Kester

Marketing & Communication

Martine is also working for the marketing department at FloraXchange part-time (and also full-time for JEM-id). It’s the hobby of Merel and Martine to stalk colleagues with questions about everything that’s happening on and around the platform. They ensure that our users are informed about everything that’s happening at FloraXchange. 

Leon van Schie

Lead developer

Leon is lead developer of the platform. Although he doesn't have to write all the code himself (there are more developers working on FloraXchange within JEM-id), he is surprisingly well informed about every line of source code in the platform. And there are currently 892,192.

Arjan Duijkers

Project coordinator

Arjan is the cut flower specialist. Where his colleagues know everything about potted plants, Arjan knows everything about the cut flowers. Flower exporters must therefore contact Arjan. Ensuring that everything becomes one whole is his ultimate goal, which is why he is also an expert in the links between FloraXchange and your buyer system.

Jeroen Huis

Product specialist

Jeroen is a real FloraXchange expert. He gladly is willing to help you with your questions about the platform. Besides support, he takes care of the data governance of FloraXchange. He has made it to a sport to figure out all the details of the data in FloraXchange and he is very curious.

Mendel van den Berg


Mendel has a huge financial background and is for that reason our miracle of numbers. Mendel is attracted to the activities of FloraXchange Services and keeps an eye on 'the machine'. She likes to be very busy herself and we think it's good when she leans back the whole day and sees that things are going well.

Bas La-Graauw

UX designer

Let too many nerds develop a product and you get a product that you have to follow an IT training to understand. Bas is our UX (user experience) man who watches the user experience like a guard dog. And that is quite a tough job in the speed with which we want to roll out new things.

Jefry van den Hoeven

Chief product

Jefry is involved in the product development of FloraXchange. He designs new functionalities with his focus on the future. He likes to go back to the core to find a solution from there. He keeps asking about the 'why' (which can be very annoying) and therefore often comes up with a surprising solution.

Martijn van Andel

Account manager

Martijn is involved in the financial side of the business. FloraXchange has not started up to earn money quickly, but we are still striving for a positive result. According to Martijn this does not seem to be possible without you keeping an eye on this and so he is our (self-appointed) financial rock in the surf!



JEM-id is the software developer that builds FloraXchange. There are 45 professionals working within JEM-id who are all ready to support FloraXchange as a platform. Each with its own expertise it is a source of enthusiasm and inspiration.