Software suppliers

The possibility to connect different kinds of software with FloraXchange has always been of great added value for growers and buyers, but now we want to move a little further. FloraXchange is increasingly focusing on becoming an open floriculture platform, that is why certain parts of FloraXchange will be accessible for software vendors. This accessibility is provided by a RESTful API, and allows software vendors to catch on to the new developments on our platform. This way we can all contribute to innovate faster within the sector.

In the future (under certain conditions) it will be possible to add features on top of FloraXchange yourself.

Right now there is an API that allows buyers to retrieve certain data from FloraXchange. It includes the delivery times, the supply and other information about growers. The new version of the API is currently in development. Software vendors who want to be the first to use the new API should contact Jefry van den Hoeven. After a short introduction they will get access to the test area where they can connect their own products and services to FloraXchange and they can do online tests.

The benefits

  • Use own customized systems and connect with FloraXchange
  • New communication channels
  • Faster implementation of new developments
  • The possibility to add software to the platform yourself