Customers of exporters

At FloraXchange, customers of exporters can not buy directly at the grower without being connected to a trading company or logistic service partner. Regular offer is publicly visible on FloraXchange without signing in. But in order to see pricing information, a user needs to be signed in with a valid account created by the exporter.

Trading companies can organize their customers into market groups and add different kinds of information so they provide a taylored experience for their clients.

Every exporter on FloraXchange can give their own customers access to offer from FloraXchange by adding them as an end customer.

In addition, more than 100 exporters are connected to FloraXchange with their own software system. These software systems use FloraXchange to get virtual stock from growers on their webshop. 

Are you a customer of an exporter? Then please contact your exporter about their possibilities. 

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The benefits

  • Up-to-date pricing information
  • A reliable wide range of offer
  • Communicating with service provider or trading company
  • Insight in all virtual stock of an exporter
  • Complete explanation of individual items with photos
  • Transparency about growers and product names
  • Order grower products via the service provider or trading company